ShopBallinasloe Membership 2024

Your business will benefit from an initiative that has helped local businesses generate in excess of thousands in sales from 2020 to 2023 through our various marketing ideas such as the online platform, ongoing digital marketing, PR, and the Town Voucher Ballinasloe.

ShopBallinasloe has enabled me to keep my business open even behind closed doors. The team have been a great support since signing up last April. Thrilled also with the town voucher incentive and the support from the community.


Kathleens Fashions

Increase Sales with ShopBallinasloe Membership

It’s not just one thing, it’s a combination of things. When you become a member of ShopBallinasloe your business will experience many benefits such as featuring on our growing marketplace, increased exposure from our digital marketing campaigns, improved search results on Google, customers spending Town Vouchers with your business and much more.

Increase Sales with

Sell products, sell services or simply create a profile on our growing online marketplace

Increase Sales - Town Voucher Ballinasloe

Increase your sales by allowing those with Town Vouchers to spend them with you. There has been over 200k sold to date.

Increase Sales with Digital Marketing

ShopBallinasloe are constantly running marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram promoting your local business.

Increase Sales with Google Search

Did you know most seller profiles rank higher on Google than their own website! 

The team at ShopBallinasloe have been unbelievable since the pandemic hit us. Within 2 weeks of closing up our salon we had an online platform where we could still sell vouchers and try to maintain our footing. Our retail products are going to be available this week (April) and the team have been constantly at the end of the phone working with us to help with anything we were unsure about. I couldn’t recommend enough. Thanks so much for all your help trying to keep Ballinasloe on its feet! We really appreciate it!

Andrea & Breda

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ShopBallinasloe Business Profile

Your Business Page

You will have your very own dedicated business profile page. Think of it like your own website and you decide what you want to use it for. You can just create a business profile and let customers contact you, or you can choose to go a step further and sell your products, vouchers, or services through the platform. Either way, your business will be introduced to new potential customers 24/7, all year round.


More Sales


More Enquiries


More Leads

Your Business in our Marketing Campaigns

As a member, your business will be featured in our ongoing Facebook and Instagram campaigns, therefore putting your products and services front and centre of our growing audience. We can also introduce any offers you might have to our email list in our regular email campaigns. This online exposure will undoubtedly result in new enquiries and attract new customers to your business.


Facebook Campaigns


Instagram Campaigns


Email Marketing

ShopBallinasloe was a huge support to me during the Covid-19 pandemic. With people more conscious about shopping local it was the perfect platform for me to showcase my business and reach people who would never have known about me otherwise.


Stitched Up Gifts

Get Found on Google Search

Our website consistently ranks number 1 (at worst, top 3) on Google for search terms related to users looking for products or services in Ballinasloe and the surrounding areas e.g ‘beauty products ballinasloe’. Simply put, whatever your business type, with a business profile on you will get found more on Google and receive more enquiries. 


Higher Google Search Results


More Enquiries


More Sales

The ShopBallinasloe team has been instrumental in rolling out this initiative – the amount of money and effort that has gone into this to promote ShopBallinasloe and the town vouchers  –  I hope that it will be rewarded, listened to and supported  by the local community. Delighted to be accepting the new Town Vouchers, they are a great way to keep local money in the town and we are looking forward to getting back into the shop in time for Christmas.


Cahalan Jewellers

Increase Sales by Accepting the Town Voucher Ballinasloe

Whether you are a product or service based business, you can increase sales by accepting the new Town Voucher Ballinasloe. With over 140k sold to date, there is still over 40k vouchers waiting to be spent in businesses like yours. And it’s not just Christmas, sales of these vouchers continue all year round. By accepting the Town Voucher, you inevitably attract new customers to your business.


Attract New Customers


Increase Sales

You will have the ShopBallinasloe support team to rely on.

Since launching in April 2020 during the pandemic, the ShopBallinasloe team have worked hard to support local businesses and we aren’t going anywhere! In just a short space of time we launched the website which allowed local businesses to get found online and to sell their vouchers, products and services. We then launched the Town Voucher Ballinasloe initiative with sales now of over 200k ensuring money stays in the local economy. You can be assured that we will continue to launch new ideas that will help your business grow and we are always here to support you.


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Membership 2024


Sign up for only €199 per annum to accept Town Vouchers and be included in our marketing campaigns.

Increase sales and grow your business with ongoing marketing through Your membership also allows you to accept the Town Voucher Ballinasloe, of which there has been over 200k sold to date.

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