NUXE NUXURIANCE GOLD serum nutri-revitalisant Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Creams


NUXURIANCE GOLD nutri-revitalisant serum from Nuxe,a global anti-aging serum for dry skin, weakened by age.

With absolute anti-aging power and nourishing and regenerating natural complexes, this serum is the solution for multiple signs of age in mature

skin. Thanks to the power of the bi-floral cells of saffron and bougainvillea, the oleoactive porcelain rose and shea butter, lasting results are achieved in terms of regeneration, nutrition and luminosity.

With continued application, the skin is fortified to progressively eliminate all visible signs of age and attenuate its appearance favoring the natural luminosity of the

skin. The result is a radiant face, fortified, with less fine-looking and more resistant skin, with blurred marks of tiredness, taut and luminous skin, more beautiful and full of life.

Its secret lies in its formula, with 4 patents in France and 92.7% of ingredients of natural

origin. In addition, it has a pleasant fragrance based on white flowers and sandalflo that represents femininity and elegance.

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