This Limited Edition Keune X Stieglitz gift box contains:

Unique Lavender Hair Clip

Silk Scrunchie

Printed Silk Scarf 

Keune Care Shampoo

Keune Care Conditioner. 

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Keune Stieglitz Gift Box

The Essential Mineral Complex featured in the Care range was developed according to long-established scientific practices that prove to not only boost scalp health, but also the health of the hair. This complex is made up of five different minerals – zinc, copper, silicium, iron, and magnesium – that work together, treating the hair and nourishing the scalp for unparalleled results.

Together the brands created a limited-edition Keune x Stieglitz gift box, packed with character. The goal: to create a collection of items that empower their new owner to feel good about their looks and feel like the best version of themself.

The box contains:

  • Keune shampoo 
  • Keune conditioner 
  • Limited edition Scrunchie
  • High quality lavender Hair Clip
  • Premium Printed Scarf


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