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Become an icon and the source of endless inspiration to yourself. Because it’s you who can truly get everything you dream of. Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum will give you the confidence and full awareness of your feminine perfection that knows no limit.

  • clean floral fragrance with chypre characteristics
  • for women who want to appear confident and feminine
  • unique ultra thin bottle that fits perfectly in your palm

Composition of the fragrance
Right at the beginning, you’ll notice the fresh notes of bergamot with a sweet undertone. The composition then develops into a floral symphony where the main part is played by the noble essence of rose accompanied by jasmine blossom in the heart of the fragrance. The base is built around cedarwood, vanilla, and patchouli leaves.

Story of the fragrance
Lancôme Idôle reflects a sophisticated elegance and pure femininity with all that it entails, chiefly thanks to the lovely rose essence. As the queen of all flowers, the rose symbolises a floral counterpart to a woman. Its seductive aroma and sharp thorns are reminiscent of a woman’s beauty and power.

The unusually thin bottle speaks to the endless possibilities that are available to a woman. It stands out thanks to its pure and uncomplicated design. Honouring the truth that there is power in simplicity, this fragrance really is a unique creation for strong and independent women.


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